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rc40 room concept

Furniture and room concept

The bathroom furniture system rc40 is burgbad at its best. Almost all of the elements are available in customisable sizes and may be combined with each other. The furniture will be made to measure for you and fitted, if required. This means you can make the best use of the available space, regardless of the size of the room. Cabinets and vanity units, for example, could serve as a room divider or also be wall-mounted. – Exactly to your specifications.

The furniture's clear design language integrates seamlessly into any ambience, sets contrasts in period buildings and goes perfectly with contemporary architecture.

See rc40 Inspiration for much more detailed information.

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Simplicity and functionality are a fundamental principle of rc40. The room concept and the corresponding furniture and elements meet the most demanding requirements. rc40 opens up the room for a new way of thinking. The bathroom becomes living space, with fluid transitions to the other areas of the home. And that doesn’t just apply to the layout of the bathroom: the same goes for the materials used for the furniture, which guarantee you won’t just see the special qualities of rc40, you’ll feel them too.

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rc40 eliminates the strict separation between bathroom furniture and furnishings for the rest of the home. New elements expand the scope for open layouts and unconventional solutions. They’re based on aluminium profiles that can be used both for freestanding arrangements and to configure functional and elegant interiors for cabinets and alcoves. Individual aspirations for the bathroom and modern living: rc40 creates a symbiosis.

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Ingenious. Well thought through. Variable. rc40 opens up a wealth of creative possibilities. Your specialist retailer knows all about the scope the concept offers for bathroom planning and will be happy to advise you.

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